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The Opposite}

When I ask people for advice, I usually do the opposite of what they say. 

Because to be HONEST, I don’t actually CARE about their advice or what they have to say, even though I ask them. I’m really only trying to figure out what I WANT.

Because if they tell me what I want to hear, then I know I’m making the right choice. And if I disagree with what they’re saying, I know that I really want the opposite.

It’s like flipping a coin. I don’t always go by what the coin says. If I look at the coin and it’s heads (when I chose Tails), and I’m disappointed, then I know to go with the other choice. It’s usually how I figure out my life. Flip a coin for my major. Heads: Public Relations. Tails: Advertising. Coin lands on heads. I’m disappointed. Changed my major to Advertising. Pretty simple.

I do the same thing with people. I don’t really care WHAT they say. They just help me see what I really want.

Sometimes, I really do want advice though, but usually I don’t. 

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